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Architectural Design, Cinematography, Marketing

An agri-tourism development in the eastern Caribbean.


Artist: Production, Recording, Writing, Direction, Editing, Design 💽 🎙️ 🎥 👨🏾‍💻. 🖌️ 🎨

Animation, Short Film

Features “NiceBot, landing on the beautiful island of Nevis in the West Indies Caribbean and discovering his new home for the first time."


Artistic Visual Representation (AVR)

If you want to look at one of my most artistic visual representations, directed and edited by me, check out this video for Couture.

The Couture visual piece represents a true artistic cinematic expression of high-end fashion, style, music and love to the highest order


Advertisement, Voice Over, Animation

Here is a non-paid advertisement I created for the Nevis Tourism Authority.

The primary goal of this campaign series is to promote popular Nevis destination spots to prospective visitors. The campaign series features the animation character Nevis NiceBot.


The Drone Shoot: Geneva, Switzerland


Hands In The Sky was a first of its kind. We filmed in Geneva, Switzerland, in 2015 with primarily a DJI Inspire Drone. All shots were filmed on this one piece of equipment. The visual features multiple images through the streets of Geneva, Switzerland and parts of France.

The Story


The Ben Rendel Story Documentary is an in-depth interview with an old friend and colleague of Rendel about how he started in the music industry and progressed into business. This documentary was filmed in Leeds, UK.

The Technical Work


The technicalities in the Like A Fortune AVR were used to capture and embody the flavours and colours of carnivals across the Caribbean. This visual showcases joy and expression from a female dance and costume perspective.

Precious Love: AVR


This AVR is one of the most creative videos I have ever produced. This was my third attempt at doing high-level AVRs that genuinely encapsulate the song's lyrics. Precious Love is a song from my third album, “Precious Love”, featuring singer Davida Reid.

The AVR represents love and dedication to one's craft. It also describes the passion for black women and their ingenuity, design and charisma in the arts, fashion, beauty and capacity to love deeply.

If anything, Precious Love is a celebration of love, light and beauty.

On and On: AVR


The concept behind the On and On AVR is a visual representation of navigating through an ever-changing landscape. With so much upheaval over the past few years, humans sometimes might feel like things are continuously ongoing.

Being outside, we begin to feel free and look at the simplest things like nature, buildings, and clouds that can settle our spirits. The butterfly is a representation of us in heart navigating from that perspective.

Voice Over, Script & Editing


Editing, Script, Performance


On-Location Shoots: Nevis, West Indies


The Black & White Classic Edit